Stacii among this decade’s most influential talents


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Leading Dutch daily newspaper NRC selected the next generation of talents to redefine the direction of art for this decade. Amongst others, Stacii Samidin, winner of the prestigious Henri Winkelman Award only a few months ago, has been selected for his unique style and work. According to NRC’s cultural editors, Stacii’s work will change your perspective on societies.

The entire list of talents can be found on NRC will present the talent to the public at a special event in Amsterdam’s Paradiso on March 10, 2020.

In addition to his recently opened Gallery Stacii Samidin (Noordplein 197, 3035 ED Rotterdam), Stacii’s work can be admired during Museum Nacht 010 at the Wereld Museum in the first week of March. During the exhibition, he talks more about his journey, photos and film, his personal search and the age-old tradition of Alfoerse tattoos. More information can be found at the site of museumnacht010.

Find out more about Stacii or Instagram.