Our story

We are a talent development and management company that provides a unique combination of management support, network and brand development. This enables us to offer exactly what talents require to succeed both inside and outside their specialism. We believe in a small roster of exceptionally talented people where there is enough time and attention for every talent. Entertainment, Lifestyle & Sports industry have our focus. This is where the magic happens and where talent has the stage to share their exceptionality with the world.

Karim Erja
Karim Erja
Founder & Managing Director

Found his niche back in 1998. While in college, Karim took a chance and started his own event company, which later transformed in a modern creative agency.  Creativity and lifestyle became the common denominator in his career as a creative and strategist. Karim founded SeiSei (2007) with the sole aim to create successful game changing international brands as subsidiaries.

Orlando Engelaar

Ambitious, competitive and determined, with an intense focus on improving performance; Orlando has had a great career as a professional footballer, and was more than ready to show his playing field-talent in a boardroom. The attributes necessary for success in both fields are very similar and make Orlando an important asset to the company.

Edward Burleson
Partner SeiSei Football

After his career as a professional footballer, Edward decided to move on as an intermediary. Over the last 25 years he has proven that he also mastered the game outside of the pitch, resulting in being involved in numerous transfer deals to appealing teams worldwide. Besides an extensive range of contacts within the football industry he is respected by clubs and players for his transparent but straight forward approach.

Gregory Sieradzan
Partner SeiSei Music

Specialized in entertainment marketing, artist management and social media. As a marketing executive for Universal Music, he worked on Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Akon, Lil Wayne, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi, The Killers, amongst others. For the last 10 years he was based in Los Angeles building bridges between America and Europe at SeiSei’s subsidiery Beat Brokers. Innovative thinking, wide network and a gogetter mentality – it’s no wonder Greg has been successful at finding numerous talented creators, ranging from producers, singers, songwriters to online creators and DJ’s.

Shannon De La Merced
SeiSei Football Scout

Shannon is a human database of player statistics. Raised by a football minded family he started to attend football matches from youth teams. Having a background as an accountant he knows his way around with data, so he subsequently started to archive all relevant player data in his own digital players database. His knowledge of what goes around is amazing. Shannon’s main focus is on discovering and following the progress of promising young players and future stars. You name the club and he names the talent. Shannon is well-know around the fields and a key part of collecting intelligence on potential clients for SeiSei Football.

Jet Maliangkay
Project Manager

Over the past 15 years Jet has been working on several project management positions ranging from human resource to youth marketing and online marketing. Her versatile background makes her the ideal Project Manager. As a project manager Jet’s main focus is to oversee the operational process and coordinate all incoming and outbound communication.

Shoshanna Israeli
Trainee Brand Developer

After her internship for her study Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Shoshanna made herself a very welcome asset to our team. With her young and unique view on different lifestyles, she creates concepts that inspires us to re-think the obvious and to approach things from a different perspective.