Dutch central midfielder playing for FC Heerenveen

About Djenahro

Dutch central midfielder Djenahro is a natural. The type of player everything seems to come easy to. He’s very comfortable on the ball and always does the right things with it. He’s a master at 1 or 2 touch football and his vision of the game is that of a professional with years of experience.
When at the age of 5 Djenahro was picked out of 1200 other kids at a trial at Ajax it was obvious that this boy was special. Because of the distance between Amsterdam and the city where he’s from called Assen the family decided to switch clubs to Heerenveen. That’s where he continued developing and as a talent part of the first team.

FC Heerenveen

Sportclub Heerenveen is a Dutch professional football club from Heerenveen. They currently play in the Eredivisie, the top level of football in the Netherlands. The club is known for its Frisian identity.

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