AZ signed Myron van Brederode. The 16-year-old AZ talent signed an agreement that connects him to the club until mid-2022.

Myron is going to make his appearance in AZ under 17, the team he has been playing for last season. Because Myron developed very well last year he became youth international for the Dutch National Team under 16. In the four games he played, he managed to score twice.


Van Brederode: ‘ Good feeling ‘
“This feels good”, says Van Brederode in an interview with AZ after putting his signature. “I’m happy to sign my contract. I have a good feeling at AZ. The club has picked me up three seasons ago and since then I have made more and more steps and developed myself. Last year was my best season, where I was also selected for the national team. My next goal is to develop myself and make the step to under 19 as soon as possible and finally my debut in the first team. “


Huibers: ‘ Interesting player ‘
“We are glad that we have contracted him”, director of football affairs Max Huib reacts. “Myron is an interesting player who is very skilled both technically and insightful. He can play well between the lines and is able to put someone in front of the goalkeeper, but he can also make goals. Myron has developed tremendously well in recent years and hopefully he can continue this in the coming seasons.”

Foto copyright: Paoline Kruijssen