Rico Verhoeven is an undisputed Dutch Heavy weight kickboxing world champion since 2013, upcoming actor, media personality and entrepreneur.

Undisputed World Champion

We started working with Rico in January 2014. Being a fresh World Champion with the sole aim to develop him as a multidisciplinary brand.
Rico Verhoeven (1989) was born and raised in The Netherlands. Already started practicing martial arts at the age of 7 and currently signed with the world’s biggest kickboxing promoter Glory, he is a force to be reckoned with. In 1996, Verhoeven started training kickboxing. A natural at it, he made his debut in the ring at the age of Sixteen. Over the years Verhoeven has grown through fights against some of the world’s greatest fighters. Resulting in becoming the undisputed Glory Heavyweight World Champion from 2013 until now.

All star

Rico is known for his powerful and athletic build, sympathetic character and marketable looks. With the mind of a mature fighter and the body of a young athlete, Verhoeven gains an extremely favourable future perspective. Rico is a much sought-after personality. His marketable looks and character, added with his speaking skills makes him very appealing for several partnerships. He appeared in various Radio & TV shows, movies, documentaries, series, commercials, magazines, vlogs and events.

Our vision

As an undisputed champion turned entrepreneur and actor, our vision revolves around leveraging their powerful personal brand to diversify investments and revenue streams, embracing media and public relations for acting success, and carefully selecting projects that align with Rico’s values.

Rico has already dedicated himself to acting training and networking while maintaining a strong financial plan and giving back by being an ambassador for several causes and projects. Balancing priorities, learning from setbacks, and maintaining a long-term vision will be crucial in achieving sustained success and leaving a positive legacy across both his entrepreneurial and entertainment endeavors.


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