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Timor Steffens is a Dutch dancer, choreographer, creative director and TV personality who gained international recognition for his exceptional dance skills and work with renowned artists.

Best of the best

Timor Steffens embarked on his dancing journey in 2006 while pursuing a barber education. However, when he received advice to switch to a dance study, he heeded it and enrolled in various dance studies in the Netherlands. It was during this time that SeiSei discovered Timor, searching for a personal brand.
When asked about his dreams, Timor expressed his desire to be among the world's greatest dancers and become an international brand. In 2007, we made the decision to create a brand around this exceptionally talented young dancer, and since then, we have been serving as his management and investment company. This collaboration has led to the co-creation of TV formats, dance shows, and innovative creative concepts.

Started from the bottom

Throughout his career, Timor has actively engaged in television and film projects, appeared in numerous music videos, and delivered countless captivating live on-stage performances. For a curated selection of his body of work and a comprehensive resume, please visit his website.

Our vision

Our journey began in 2007 when Timor was a young and ambitious dancer, dreaming of dancing alongside the world’s finest artists and performers. Our vision was to start his career in his home country, the Netherlands, gaining traction and building a profile before taking the leap to the USA to dance for top-tier artists. The next step would be becoming a choreographer and eventually a creative director, leveraging his years of experience.

Timor’s journey unfolded precisely as planned. He gained momentum in the Netherlands with his appearance on the TV dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” (2008). We then ventured to the USA, where he achieved his dream of becoming one of Michael Jackson’s dancers for the “This Is It” tour (2009).

After the unfortunate passing of MJ, Timor had the privilege of working with some of the world’s absolute best artists, including Whitney Houston, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher, and many others.

Now, as a Creative Director, our joint mission is to revolutionize the world of dance. We aim to inspire not only fellow dancers but also audiences and the broader community. Through innovative choreography, artistic expression, and community engagement, we seek to create a powerful and transformative dance experience that transcends boundaries and fosters a deeper connection with the art form. Emphasizing inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration, Timor is poised to lead the dance community into a new era of meaningful and impactful performances, working with brands, appearing on TV and online shows, and gracing theaters all around the globe.


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