Timor’s debut in  the Italian talent show Amici was a great success. The show, created by TV star Maria De Filippi, began in 2001 and has since aired annually from October/November until May/June. It’s one of the most popular TV shows in Italy with an average viewers rating of 6.5 mln this season.

Amici is an academy school involving a class of about 20 youth students (18-25 age), who aspire to become professional singers, songwriters and dancers (classical, modern, jazz and hip-hop). Additional original categories of “actors”, “musicians” and “TV presenters” have since been dropped in the recent seasons (after 2009).

In the final shows Timor as well as latin superstar Ricky Martin were two of the non Italian judges on the show. With his fresh and unique style, Timor immediately gained a lot of momentum in Italy, making him one of the most popular faces of the show.