Summer de Snoo is a young Dutch model and actress who gained recognition for her work in the entertainment industry.

The perfect combination

Summer de Snoo, born in 2009, is undeniably one in a million. She possesses the perfect combination of stunning looks, remarkable talent, and a captivating personality. Even at the tender age of four, it was evident that Summer had a natural photogenic quality that didn't go unnoticed. Her potential caught the eye of the modeling world, and a few years later, she and her mother embarked on a trip to Milan, where she was invited to a highly esteemed modeling agency. It was a transformative moment, and after signing her first deal, Summer realized that a career as a professional model was a genuine opportunity.


Determined to give it her all, Summer embarked on numerous photo shoots, not only for her social media platforms but also for smaller fashion labels. As her star continued to ascend, bigger fashion brands began to take notice. She graced the runway of Pitti Bimbo, landed a major campaign for Dsquared2, and traveled to iconic cities like London, Los Angeles, and New York to collaborate with prominent fashion brands like Monnalisa, Liu Jo, Mischka Aoki, and Fracomina. Her talent and charm transcended European borders, leading her to sign a contract with New York Model Management.

Beauty, Skills and Brains

Summer's rapid rise to popularity also attracted the attention of the media. In 2020, a production company created the documentary "Summer, Picture Perfect," which received critical acclaim and became one of the most-streamed documentaries on the video-on-demand platform "Videoland." The film provided an open and honest insight into the life of this multi-talented kid, showcasing not only her modeling pursuits but also her incredible skills in football and her outstanding academic achievements.

Our vision

When we started working with Summer – who was still just a child at the time – she had a line of merchandise, was involved in influencer collabs and had already a documentary made about her. First thing we did was stop all of that and started working on our vision, which centers around embracing authenticity, professional growth, and using her reach to inspire and empower others. Aside from slowly building her profile we wanted to ensure she would make it through the school year.

By nurturing her individuality, building a strong portfolio, and networking within the industry, we carved a path towards success and fulfillment in the world of modeling and also acting. With a balanced approach that prioritizes education and promotes positivity, she will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and creative expression as she pursues her dreams as a world famous fashion model.


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