Dutch central midfielder Sven playing for PEC Zwolle

About Sven

Dutch central midfielder Sven is an all round midfielder who can play as a typical no 6 in front of his defense, but also a little bit higher as a no 8, as a box to box player. The type of player the defense depends on defensively, but he is also very important in possession and build up because of his footballing qualities.

He has the ability to control the pace of the game and deliver to the strikers as a connector, assist strikers or even score a goal himself. Smart positioning is something he has a feeling for that not a lot of players have.

PEC Zwolle

PEC Zwolle is a Dutch professional football club based in Zwolle, Netherlands. They play in the Eredivisie from the 2023–24 season following promotion. They have played in the Eredivisie for a total of 22 seasons, reaching sixth place in 2015.

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