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London Loy is a Dutch chef and television personality who has achieved widespread fame through his signature fusion style of street food and fine dining.


London Loy (1974) is far from your typical chef – he's a vibrant and unconventional personality with a style all his own. His cooking is a unique fusion of street food and refined dishes from various culinary traditions, all infused with his overflowing passion.

Although he hails from Amsterdam, London's exotic appearance has its roots in Suriname. His interest in nutrition started back in the early nineties, but he also made a name for himself as a top-level hurdle sprinter, showcasing his athletic abilities. Beyond his culinary and sports pursuits, London has a sharp eye for photography, capturing images of his delectable dishes and contributing portraits to various magazines.

TV Personality

London's showcased his sensational recipes an a daily basis on Koffietijd, a popular national afternoon TV show that after 19 years had his last season in 2023. His television appearances don't stop there – he has showcased his skills on programs like the Food Truck Challenge, Top Chef Academy, Herman Against The Rest, even exhibited his dancing talents on Dance Dance Dance and became the runner up of the 2022 season of Expedition Robinson.

As if his plate weren't full enough, London also serves as the personal chef for GLORY Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion Rico Verhoeven during training camps. In 2020, London took on yet another endeavor by publishing his first cookbook, featuring his signature recipes and captivating photographs, followed by a second cookbook in 2023.

Our vision

Together with London we want to embark on an epic culinary journey, captivating viewers, followers and buyers with a unique and immersive experience that transcends borders and cultures. Through books, TV and online formats, we aim to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences with culinary creations.

With a focus on authenticity, creativity, and storytelling, London will use the power of food to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of different street cultures, and blend them with fine dining, while encouraging viewers to experiment with new flavors and cooking techniques in their own kitchens.


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